2. marca 2014

Transport Me, Please

When I´m writing I feel like Carrie Bradshaw from SATC. 
I mean not just these few sentencies, but other stuff.
Damn it, I want to go back to London, I miss it so much.


24. februára 2014


(top H&M, jeans H&M, earcuff H&M, ring I Am, bracelet Accessorise, bra H&M)

Time is a flat circle and we make mistakes. And again. And again. Forever.
by True Detective
Sentence is deep and true.

5. februára 2014

Vintage Manicure

1. Apply base coat to protect your nails.
2. Paint your nails with one layer of light polish.
3. Create vertical stripes with white striper.
4. Create random flakes (base for roses).
5. Shape leaves inside of roses.
6. Create green leaves.



29. januára 2014

Half Moon Manicure

Looks hard and honestly it needs a lot of practise, but once you find the best way for you, it´s gonna be perfect!
So start with base coat to protect your nails.
Paint all your nails one color, I chose pink.
Then with a tiny brush dipted in other polish (silver) create these half moons. 
Use top coat and if you want to, you can to one different finger.


26. januára 2014

Wanderlust in Prague

Two weeks ago I was at Prague. Not just for sightseeing, but also for presentation of Charles University, where I really would like to go.
This was my first time there and I love that city! It´s big and multicultural, you barely cannot hear native language! 
I loved everything, but mostly I´ve fallen in love with that school, it´ so magical!
And I can´t leave the city without shopping, od course. So, I bought plenty of cosmetics by MAC and Sephora.


22. januára 2014

18. januára 2014

Guide to Red Lips Vol. 1


Hello, everybody!
This a little guide to choose your best red lipstick that will suite you as best as possible!
As a fisrt ster look at you wrist in natural light. You will know by the colour undertones of your wrist which undertone of lipstick is going to suite you best.
If you have: blue veins - you have cool undertones
olive veins - warm undertone.
And if you cannot tell, you have both!
I have cool undertone, so cool undertones in lipsticks are suiting me the best,
In this post I am showig you 2 lipstick:
Bourjois Rouge Edition in 15 (warm undertones)
Max Factor in Scarlet Ghost 720 (cool undertone)
In the second picture you an see the both lipstick tried on my wrist and Bourjois doesn´t pop as much as MaxFactor does.
also there is another method how to figure out you´re skin undertone. It is by jewelery you wear. If silver suites you better than gold, you have cool undertones. If gold suites you better, than warm undertones are right for you. And if you are wearing bith, than you can also wear both undertones.

i hope you liked and stay tuned for another post about red lips.