26. septembra 2012

Everyday Make-up Look

This make-up look is best for your school or work. It´s really simple so you can do it really fast in mornings.
Start with eyeshadow base so your eyeshadows will stay all day long and you help prevent creasing. Now apply nude eyeshadow all over your lids and then add brown color to your crease and underneath your eyes. Line your eyes with black eyeliner to add more definition and line your waterline, as well, with black eyepencil or if you want to keep yor make-up more clean apply white pencil to make your eyes look brighter and bigger. Now apply just few coats of black mascara or if you want to look more smooth apply brown mascara.For the rest of your face apply rosy pink blush and clear lipgloss.
So that´s it! I hope you enjoyed!

23. septembra 2012

Monet´s Lilies Ispired Nailart

I was inspired by this amazing paiting so I decides to have them on my nails.
Start out with base coat to protect your nails. then apply different shades of blue, I used two shades - dark and ocean blue. Then with thiny brush and dotting motions do lillte green leafs and white, red, purple and pink lilies. Then with white and light blue nailpolishes do reflection of the sun. I also applied dry flowers on some of my nails. Finsh your nails with top coat to add beautiful shine. i also added a sparkling nailpolish you because I love sparkles. Every pattern on my nails were inspired of different paintings of Monet´s Lilies.
I hope you enjoyed!

19. septembra 2012

Purple Eyes!!!

 As a first step apply eyeshadow base, so your eyeshadows will stay longer and they won´t crease. As a first eyeshadow apply nude beige all over your lids. Then take purple color and start building it from outher corner of your eye to the inner corner and add it to the crease. Let a little space without purple over the first half of lash line. Now take a darker purple and build intensity of your look by adding it to the outher V of your eyes. Blend colors together well. Now apply bluish purple underneath your eyes and line your eyes with black pencil. To add a little bit of drama add sparkles to your lash line. For brighten up your eyes apply white shadow to inner corners of your eyes and on your brow bone. For last but not least apply few coats of your favourite mascara.
And you´re done! I hope you enjoyed!

16. septembra 2012

Silver Foil Nails

I think that tutorial is enought to explane how to do them. Suprisingly they lasted about a week on ringfinger but on thumb just two days. It looks pretty on fotos but foil is creased which doesn´t do the best final look. Try that, maybe you will do it better than myself.
By the way, do you want this descibe in slovak language, too?
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12. septembra 2012

Pop of color!

 Add pop of color to your eyes with this easy make-up!
Apply eyeshadow base so your eyeshadows will stay longer. Apply eyeshadow wich is in same tone as your skin. Then apply brown shadow to your crease and blend it out. Apply darker brown to outher V of your eye. Use black eyeliner, I prefer using pen eyeliner it is doing application much more easy, so with black liner line your eyes and create wing at the end. Now take eyeshadow which fits your eyecolor and skintone and apply it under your eye. Then apply white eyeshadow on your browbone and to inner eyecorner and your waterline to make your eyes appear larger and brighter. And apply your favourite mascara.
Now you are done with this make-up. I hope you enjoyed!

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9. septembra 2012

Water Marble Nails

Easy and pretty nails.
Put drop of your nailpolish to the water and add more drops of different colored nail polishes. With toothpick create your own pattern. Dip your nail into and tadaa! Your nail is done. It´s better to apply tape around your nails so they won´t be so dirty.
Hope you enjoy! :)

5. septembra 2012

Rainbow Eyeliner

If you are interested how I did it: Apply eyeshadow base, so your shadows stays longer. If you want to use white pencel to draw outer lines of place where you want to apply colors. Then start applying lime green to inner eye corners, next to apply green, blue and purple. Create wing and bring purple color under your eye. Finally line your eyes with black eyeliner, apply false lashes and use mascara. And you´re finished! 
I hope you enjoyed this! :)

2. septembra 2012

Colorful Back 2 School

Start your school year with colors! This is easy manicure wich you can do in a few minutes!
Start with base coat to protect your nails and apply 2 coats of white nail polish. Then add pink nail polish on paper and with pencil add it to your nails with random strokes. Continue with other colors. You can use any colors you like. And last but not least apply top coat to protect your design and add shine!
I hope you enjoyed learning how to do this easy and beautiful nail desing!
Take care! :)