29. októbra 2012

Bloody Nails

Impressive and so easy!
Apply base coat to protect your nails and then paint your nails with nude nail polish. Dipt straw to the nail polish and blow it onto your nails! Apply top coat to add beautiful shine. 
And you´re finished. How easy it was? :)

Halloween make-ups: Barbie

I really like this look, it´s so Barbie like!
So, as a fist step apply your foundation a conceal everything what you need and set it with powder. Remeber, you are Barbie So, you have to be PERFECT! Shape your eyebrows with lighter brown. For eyes apply eyeshadow base so your eyeshadows will stay longer. For eyeshadows: apply white all over your eyes. Then apply dark blue to the crease and do it really edgy. Now apply purple onto top of blue and under your eyes. Apply pink next to blue on your lid. Again apply white to your brow bone and to the inner corners with sparkles.Line your upper lash line with black eyeliner and apply false lashes. Blend your and false lashes togerher with macsara. 
For cheeks apply rosy pink blush and contour your face with brown. For lips apply pink lisptick.
So, that´s all, I hope you enjiyed this make-up tutorial. Now, you are perfect as Barbie! :)

27. októbra 2012

Halloween make-ups: Indy Princess

I really like this look of indy (from India) princess.
Apply foundation, conceal if you need and set everything with powder. Shape your eyebrows and apply eyeshadow base, so they´ll be more intensive and stay longer. Start with shadows: apply goldy white all over your lids, then apply goldy light brown to your crease. To add more depth and dimension of your eyes add dark goldy brown to your outher corner of your eyes.Then apply dark red shadow to your eyes just on little space and colour rest space with gold. Add white to your brow bone and goldy white to your inner eye corners. apply smae light brown shadow onto lower lash line and line your eyes with black eyeliner. Apply macsara.
For cheeks use orangy blush and for lips apply redish lipstick. 
And your Halloween costume is done! Hope you enjoyed!

24. októbra 2012

Halloween Make-ups: Bellatrix Lestrange

Ok, I just love Harry Potter books and films and Bellatrix is one of my favorite characters, so I decided to do her look for Halloween!
How to: use pale make-up foundation and set it with bright powder. For eyebrows use brown pencil and shape them edgy. Now it´s time for a little bit contouring. Contour your face - your cheeks, temples - with brown eyeshadow or bronzer without sparkles. Now with same eyeshadow do illusion of dark eye cirkles and don´t forget to contour your nose to look slimmer. Apply same brown shadow onto your eyelids, for more depth apply to the outher corners dark gray color. Line your eyes with black pencil and apply mascara. As a last step use dark red lipstick. And you´re done, now just style your hair as hers and wear costume! :)
Hope you enjoyed!

Halloween Make-up

Ok, guys! I love this part of year when you can be whoever or whatever you want. So, I decided that I will do for you some halloween make-ups. In next few days stay tuned for them! :)

17. októbra 2012

Denim shirt

Denim shit and white jeans by H&M

Rockin´ in classic!
This is it when someone has good style.

Tak toto sa deje ak má niekto dobrý vkus.  

14. októbra 2012

Glittery Rainbow Zebra

Paint your nails white and black. On white nails apply colors on sponge of your choice, I used red, darker pink, lighter pink, purple, blue. And tap it onto your nails. Apply top cat to seal these colors together. After top coat dries do stripes with black striper as zebra pattern and apply top coat. For black nails apply just a few layers of glittery nail polish.
And you´re done! Hope you enjoyed!

7. októbra 2012

Nude nails

I don´t think it is necessarily explane how to do them.
It is pretty chane compared to my "normal" nails.