21. novembra 2012

Leopard Nails

So easy and effective nails!
Really quickly! Apply base coat, gold nail polish. Do brown dots on your nails with normal brush of your polish. Than with black nail polish surround brown like leopards have. Apply top coat and you´re done! It was so easy! :)

11. novembra 2012

Leopard Nails

I like this so easy nail pattern.
Apply base coat to protect your nails. Apply gold nail polish. Wait till it is copletely dry and then tape your nails your tape to create tiangle shaped space. Paint it with black. After few minutes when black nail polish is not completely dry but not just now applied, remove tape. If you need correct edges. Now do dark brown dots on your nail in different sizes. Surroud brown dots with black nail polish using small brush and add a few black dots to create really realistic leopard print. Now just apply top coat to protect your design.
And that´s it! I hope you enjoyed!

7. novembra 2012

Mary-Kay Day

My friend monika and I have spent great hour in hands of professional from cosmetics Mary-Kay. We enjoyed it and we are recommending this cosmetics. Our faces and hands were so smooth after that. :) And good bonus - she did make-up for us! I felt like a mermaid with this blue-green make-up!

4. novembra 2012

Alien Nails

So, cute! Isn´t it?
Apply base coat to protect your natural nails.Paint your nails black and ring finger neon green. On black nails create space with sponge and few colors of your choice. Add white dots as stars and seal everything together with top coat. onto green nail create alien and add top coat.
And you are finished! I hope you enjoyed!

1. novembra 2012

Día de los Muertos

This was my actual Halloweeen costume. I was representing Day of the dead (spanish: Día de los Muertos). It´s tradition in Mexico, they are celebrating this day by giving gifts to dead.
They also have "sugar skull", that´s skull decorated by flowers etc., as you can see. So I decided to transform myself to on of this sugar skull.
I really enjoyed this Halloween. My friends and I had a lots of fun!