29. decembra 2012

New Year´s Eve Inspiration

 (First outfit: top Forever21, jeans Stradivarius, watch Fosiil,
Secend outfit: T-shirt Promod, jeans H&M, cardigan Stradivarius, clutch Next, 
Third outfit: sweather Marks&Spencer, jeans H&M, jewelery Stradivarius+vintege)

Looking for some New Year´s Eve dress inspiration? Here it is!
As a first outfit I chose really somple but yet chic outfit of black oversized T-shirt with sequins and I pared it with skinny jeans. I added just a few of jewelery. It is great for those of you who lives stay comfty but with little bit of glamour in it.
The second outfit is more dancy, if you are planning spend all night by dancing, this outfit is for you. Just basic T-shirt with some glitters, black glittery cardigan with some dark jeans and pared with a lot of statment jewelery is so simple but really cool.
The third outfit, my favourite, is just a lot of sequins. Cozy knitted sweather is so great for New Year, when you stay inside with friends or family, but sequins add more glam to it. Pare it with intreresting jeans and add a lot of jewelery.
I hove you´ve been inpired by this!

23. decembra 2012

Holiday Outfit Inspiration

(1.pic- sweather Pimkie, jeans Stradivarius, watch Fossil, jewelery vintage
2.pic- tee Forever21, skirt Reserverd, tights Forever21, cardigan Stradivarius, shoes H&M, vintage jewelery,
3.pic- blouse Zara, jeans H&M, vintage jewelery) 

Christmas Eve is coming!
Here are some of my tips for you of what to wear!
In the first pictures is a casual outfit for all of you who likes being comfty but yet chick. Norwegian sweather with skinny jeans are always good choise. To add more of  X-mas felling wear some crazy X-mas jewelery as these balls for three.
As a second outfit I chose a really dressy/girly combination of black skirt and purple sleeveles tee. But! It´s cold so I paired it with purple lace tights and black sparkling cardigan. Add some jewelery and high heels to be really girly!
The third outfit is for girls who like wear classic clothes. Wear just white blouse with skinny jeans and add some jewelery.
Hope you got some inspiration!

19. decembra 2012

Rudolph Nails

At this time I decided to do this super cute X-mas manicure.
As a first step apply base coat to protect your natural nail. Then you can paint your nail with some colour, or you can leave them as I did on my middle finger. To draw a Rudolph use light brown nail polish and draw a big circle onto tip of your nail, then add two lines as ears. With darker brown nail polish draw antlers. With dotting tool dipted in white nail polish do white dots as his eyes. Do same but with black nail polish to add black dot to the middle of his eyes. For cuter effect to dots in various directions. For his iconic red nose use just a red nail polish and draw a big dot. As a last step seal everything together with top coat.
And that´s it! Really Christmasy nails are done!

12. decembra 2012

X-mas Nails

This is so pretty holiday design for this X-mas, I think.
So, start with a base coat to protect your nails and then apply red polish. On your ring finger and thumb draw a snowflake. Draw it with white striper and as first step do 3 lines as a little star, then add other more little stipes to create snowflake. On rest of your nails do dots with a dotting tool or with a toothpick or with babypin. After everything driyed well apply top coat to protect your design and add a beautiful shine.
And your´ re done! I hope you enjoyed!

9. decembra 2012

How to: Remove Glitters

So, this way how to remove glitters from your nails. Onto cotton bud apply polish remover, put it onto your nails and secure with tin foil. Wait 5 to 10 mins and remove it from your nails. all glitters should be removed. If some stayed on nails remove them in normal way, it will go down really easy.

pictures are not mine.

5. decembra 2012

Pink Glitters

I love this manicure. It´s so beautiful!
How to: Apply base coat to your nails to protect them. Apply nude nail polish to your nails except ring finger. For better look I recommend applying nail polish in color of glitters under the glitters. It´ll look much prettier! Apply clear nails polish to places where you want to have glitters. In my way to the tips of my nails. Do it really quickly! So, clear coat of polish and then press glitters onto with your finger. Repeat on other nails, and for ring finger apply just clear nails polish and press glitters all over. Apply top coat to your nails to protect glitters from falling down from your nails.
And that´s it! Stay tuned for easy way how to put glitters down from your nails. 

Drblietky!!! :)

2. decembra 2012

How to: Bold Lipstick

I think wearing bold lipsticks is just beautiful! You just have to know how to.
How to: If you want to wear some bold lipstick, it doesn´t matter if it´s red, pink or purple etc., your skin must be prerfect, because pigmets which are in lipstick, are appearing skin more red. So, make sure you conceal your face well.
Another important thing is not to wear too much eye make-up. Especially at day! It´ll look overdone and too dramatic for day. Your lipstick will show up better while you are wearing just some simple eye make-up. Like I did. I just lined my eyes with black eye liner, but I kept line really tiny and I didn´t wing at the outher corner. Than I used grey eye shadow to go over black line. Never forget to apply white shadow to your inner eye corner and to your brow bone to look brighter. I applied generous coats of mascara and because I wanted to experiment I applied false demi lashes. (Do you want to know how to?)
For cheeks I applied a little bit of rosy blush.
And the most important thing, how to apply that lipstick! With lip brush I applied my pink lipstick, then I blooted it down. I applied my powder to set it and it also hepls lipstick to stay longer. As a last step I applied more of lipstick for adding more of that colour and to add soft shine to my lips.
And that´s it. Everything you need to know about wearing bold lipsticks throught day! But remember everyone is different to look beautiful you may need more of blush or more of eye make-up, or maybe less.

And don´t forget to smile!