31. januára 2013

The City Nails

It looks so difficult, but trust me it is not!
Start with appling base coat to protect your nails. Then apply on a sponge blue and light violet nail polish and dab it onto your nail. You don´t heve to dab it all over, you can leave tip of your nail without colour. Now, take a black nail polish and create shapes of skyscrapers. With a dotting tool or with tooth pick and white nail polish do a lights in window on buildings. For one nail you can create a moon with tooth pick. Also you can create stars or you can use glittery nail polish as stars. As a last step apply top coat to protect your design.
I hope you enjoyed!

23. januára 2013

Braided Nails

I love this manicure, unfortunatly it is hard to explane it just with words.
So, she was my inspiration and also my role model, cutepolish.
Make sure and visit her and there is also way how to create this manicure.

20. januára 2013


This gold-brown eyes are so pretty ans really wearable even they are more glamorous.
As a first step apply eyeshadow primer to help shadows stay longer, till you decide to wash them off. Than take brown shadow and apply it to your socket ball and blend it well. Also apply it to your upper lash line, to the roots of your lashes to half way. Same brown shadow apply to outher third of your lower lash line. To the center of your eye ball apply gold shadow. To outher V of your eye apply dark brown shadow to darken up you eyes. Now apply white eye shadow onto your brow bone and to inner corners of your eyes to lighten up your eyes. To the rest of your lower lash line apply some coloured eye shadow. I apply dark green, but add any colour you like or it suits you well. Now, really important step, apply gold glitters onto place where you applied gold eye shadow. Now, line your eyes with black and apply mascara.
For cheeks apply peachy blush and some coral lipgloss for your lips. And you are done!
I hope you enjoyed!

13. januára 2013

In Love with Knitted!

Lately, I´ve fallen in love with knitted sweathers! They are so comfty and so pretty. Here are some inspirations how to wear them.
The best way how to wear them is by layering it with shirts, for example. In first two pictures I pared it with demin shirt, which is probably the best way and I really love that combination. In other two pictures I pared it with coloured jeans and, of course, jewelery is your must have!
Hope you like!

9. januára 2013

Midnight Sky

I love this make-up! It looks so pretty all night.
So, start with a eye shadow primer to prevent creasing and it also hepls shadow to stay till you decide to wash them up. Then with black eye pencil creat outher edge on your outher corner. Make sure that both eyes are same. Smudge it. Now, take black glittery eye shadow and cover with it place where you smudged black pencil and bring it to the crease and to the outher third of your lower lash line. To the center of your eye lids apply white/gold eye shadow. Now, blend everything together as well as you can. Take purple eye shadow and apply it to the rest of your lower lash line. Add white shadow to the inner eye corners and to the brow bone. Add gold glitters to the center of your lids. Line your eyes and extend line to the most of inner eye coner. Your eyes will look more sexy. Add white pencil to your water line and add mascara. If you want you can add false lashes like I did. 
For cheeks use some rosy pink blush and for lips nude lipgloss.
And you are finished! I hope you enjoyed this make-up.

1. januára 2013

Happy New Year

(Coat Next, jeans H&M, Scarf I am, bag+gloves vintage)

Happy New Year my readers!
I hope this year is gonig to be perfect in all ways!