31. marca 2013

In Love With Lace

 (Top Zara, jeans Stradivarius)

I know, who is not in love with lace?
I just love it and I completely fall in love with this lace-knitted top from Zara! 
And now, let´s go rock some party!

27. marca 2013

Ombré Lips

Awesome deal, but they are not really seeable.
Just apply dark lipstick all over your lips, just let the middle part claer. To this middle part apply lighter lipstick. Your lips will look much fuller!

24. marca 2013

Nails Inspired by Pollock

Hello, guys!
Today I am going to show you this nail tutorial ispired by my fave painter, Jackson Pollock.
His paintings you can see as first.
And now, let´s go to the nails. As a first step apply base coat to protect your nails. Then apply two coats of white polish. Now, take tape and wrap it around your nails to protect your skin around nail from dirt and then you won´t need to clean it that much. Choose your colours and open all your polishes. Don´t forget to protect also the place where you are doing your nails or it´s gonna be a big mess as you can see on a picture! Now, dip a straw into nail polish of your choice and blow out nail polish onto your nail. Continue with all fingers and all colours. Then carefully put away tape and clean around your nails. As a last step apply top coat!
I hope you enjoyed this nail tutorial!

21. marca 2013

London Trip Part IV.

Last day in London. It was the most beautiful because we were all together. I found there so amazing people! And I am sure we will travel together more and more!
Amazing group of people, thank you so much that you all made my London even more wonderful than it would be without you!

1. Kika and Regi in London!
2. 3. Shard - Londons highest skyscraper.
4. Group photo in front of London Tower - Alex, Bianka, me, Kika, Maťa, Sandy, Regi.
5. Me with Bia and Alex in front of London Tower.
6. Panoramatic photo of London Bridge and Shard.
7. Me as guard. :)
8. Kika and me. (Yes, Kika is in love with Harry) ;)
9. Again Kika and me.
10. Inside Tower of London, there were also royal jewelery. Guys, I love diamonds from Tiffany´s but this was like a dream! So huge diamonds in crowns and they were so sparkly! Oh my Gosh! You cannot describe it, you have to see it!
11. 12. 13. Inside of Tower of London with pretty view (also on sexy people!).
14. I just wanted to crush The Shard.
15. London Bridge with amazinf people!
16. Cucumber!
17. Regi.
18. 19. 22. London Bridge - It is so pretty! I´ve never imagined that it would that much awesome!
20. 21. Me and London Bridge.
23. Flower, I love flowers. :3
24. Tate - Modern Art Museum - I love modern art! And there were some of my fave authors! Such as Pollock and Warhol. Modern art is for me so great, I love surrealism and paintings where is something but it is on you what is it, what is it for you. And that´s why I love Pollock (I will do nails inspired by his art.).
25. 26. St. Pauls Catedral from Tate´s view.
27. Me and Regi. 
28. View from bridge which name I don´t remember, but I know it was in Harry Potter.
29. St. Paul´s - Huge and Amazing!
30. Crazy photo! 
31. St. Paul´s .
32. Last dinner in London. It was, of course, in McDonald´s. We were sitting at so little table, we were seven, but we had amazing time. We were so hungry and somebody was still going to buy more food! The biggest fun ever, we were laughting a lot! :D
33. 34. Heart at Covent Garden.

So, this was our last day in London. The best one with the best people.
So, when are we going back?