7. marca 2013

London Trip Part I.

Fist thing, I am so sorry I wasn´t posting stuff for a long time.
I was in London!!! Yaaaay!
I love London! It is my dreamed city! I just want to go back, to live there...
Here are a few pictures of my first day in London.
1. Big Ben - you, guys, all have to know it!
2. 3. London Eye - it was terrible pity that I wasn´t there! We didn´t have enought time.One more reason to come back!
4. 5. Trafagard Square and National Gallery - this was so pretty place! I love all photos from this place!
6. Red Poppies
7. 8. Picadilly Circus - I thought it will be bigger, hm, more like NY, but it wans´t, anyway I liked it!
9. M&Ms - addiction.
10. Chinesse Part of London - awesome part, great for food.
11. 12. Crystal Skull in Brish Museum - Gosh! When we saw it it was like!! OMG! You know... Indiana Jones.

So amazing day and this pictures are just a little bit of taste of London, of our first day here.
Stay tuned for more days in London! :)

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