12. marca 2013

London Trip Part III.

The third day!

First photos are from Hampton Court in London. It was close to place where we lived, so we went there to look and it was so pretty, also there were maze, but unfortunately we didn´t have enought time to go there.

After, we went to Windsor. So beautiful, but we didn´t meet the Queen :( That was terrible pity for Kika, because she is totally in love with Prince Harry! And right after we came home he said that he is going to marry some girl, and we all know it is just because Kika went home!

Windsor is beautiful! So pretty castle and catedrals. It was pity that we couldn´t do photos inside, because it was amazing! 
And also Queen´s guard were following us, and our photo with that guy is so awesome!!

Okay, in afternoon we went to the Oxford street. Oh my Gosh! It´s a paradaise for shoppaholics! And it was beautiful moment when we got to the Oxford street the sun came up from clouds and rest of the day was sunny. But I really don´t have any pretty photos from Oxford street I was just shopping, you know...

Another wonderful day!

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