29. apríla 2013

Dyed Hair

Okay, I dyed my hair, again. And again it is shading.
This time my hairdresser used tangerine orange and magenta pink to my ends.
I can´t tell you how much I love this hair colour! It is so summery and full of life! So great for summer, awesome mood and awesome live.
Like a fire.
Also, I love that dress, it was enormly cheap (10 euros) !!! And they are just from another boutique and still so amazing!

3 komentáre:

  1. jeeej ja mám presne tieto šaty ale v tej staroružovej :)

    1. Videla som fotky, sú veľmi pekné! :)

  2. Tie vlasy...dokonalé to je :))