29. mája 2013

Kim Kardashian Inspired Make-Up

I´ve liked Kim Kardashian, lately. I don´t know what happened to me, but I really do!
So, I decided to do a make-up inspired by her.
Her make-up, I think, is quite iconic, it´s a lot recreating 
Eyes: Start with eye shadow primer to prime yout eye lids and protect shadows from creasing. As a first step define your eye lids by appling light brown shadow to your crease. Then apply light eye shadow to your lids. Now, start to deeping your look. Apply darker brown shadow to outher eye corners and to outher third of eyes. For ever darker look apply dark brown shadow to the outher corners of your eyes. For the lower lash line apply the second brown shadow you used. To lighten up your look apply white eye shadow to your inner eye corners and to your brow bones. Line your eyes with black liner or pencil, apply generous coats of mascara and, of course, apply false lashes, because Kim´s look without lashes wouldn´t be tha right!
Face: For Kim´s face look is really important shadinw and highlighting. Apply bright highlighter to the center of forhead, down the nose bridge, cudpids bow and to the cheek bones. For sculpting your face take bronzer or brown eye shadow and apply it to your temples, aound cheek bones and to the gel line. For a little bit f colour apply rosy blush to apples of your cheeks.
Lips: Apply nude lipgloss!
I hope you enjoyed!

26. mája 2013

Hold My Head Up

(Tank Top H&M, Skirt New Yorker, Shoes H&M, Glasses Ráy Bann, Watch Fossil, many different bracelets)

I enjoyed this day incredibly! I was shopping with my best friend. We had the best smootie from exotic fruits ever!!!

22. mája 2013

Pop of Violet

Another version of adding colour to your eyes.

Apply eye shadow primer to prime your eyes and prevent creasing. Apply dark grey eye shadow to your ouher corner. To your led apply purple eye shadow and blend them together. Again to your outer corner apply black eye shadow to deep your look. Then apply white eye shadow to your inner eye corner and to your brow bone. Also apply dark grey eye shadow to your lower lash line. Line your eyes with black eye liner. Apply glittery eye liner to your inner eye corner and also to the center of black line. Apply generous coats of mascara and your eyes are done!
 For cheeks apply rosy pink blush (yeah, I love that colour).
For lips apply lipgloss.

I hope you enjoyed.

20. mája 2013

Who Cares

(Coat M&S, Tank Top Forever21, Skirt Reserverd, Tights Forever21, Shoes Promod, Necklace Aldo, Bag Benetton)

Finally, I can wear tights with skirt. Weater is finally so pretty and sunny,
So let´s rock the streets in skirts! 

17. mája 2013

Flower Power

I have to show you my flowers, roses, which I´ve got for my 17 birthday.
I love them! They are so beautiful!

15. mája 2013

My Essentials

My currently favourities from nails polishes. Minty green by Sally Hansen in colour Mint Sorbet. I love, love, love this colour! I am wearing it all the time and I Meredith Foster inspired me, she is wearing this lovely colour all the time, too!
Than, metalic purple nail polish by Catrice in shade Metalillac. And nail polish dou from H&M, which I bought last summer and I am using it on my toes.
 Favourite eye shadow palette. It is from Collistar, I got it for my B-day and that colours are soo incredible!! I´m using it all the time!
My current arm candy, the newest ones.
Spiked ballerina flats. I love them! They are also dark blue and I really like that color.
Fake butterfly on my wrist. I am thinking about tattoo.

13. mája 2013

Smokey Eyes with a Pop of Purple

Lately, I´ve been loving smokey eyes, even for a day. I´ve got new eye shadow palette, so I´m still using it!

Let´s get started! As usual, apply eye shadow primer. Then apply shimmery champane colour all over your lids. To your outher corner apply black eye shadow and slightly build the intensity of black and, of course, bring it to your crease. Blend everything well. To your lower lash liner apply vibrant purple eye shadow, but just half way. To your inner eye corner apply white eye shadow and that white eye shadow also apply to your brow bone. Line your eyes with black eye liner and apply generous coats of mascara.
For cheeks apply rosy pink blush onto apples of your cheeks and for lips apply pinky lipgloss.

I hope you enjoyed!

8. mája 2013

Enjoy Life

(Cardigan Stradivarius, Tube Top H&M, Skirt Mango, Glasses RayBann)

Enjoy life, it is too short for worring.
And also, lovely weather is comming, so big smile, guys!!!

5. mája 2013

Make-Up Routine

My make-up routine.
I start with my make-up foundation which is by Max Factor and it is in the lightest shade (101 Ivory Beige). Then I am using concealer for under eye circles and to cover any redness, it is by Maybelinn NY in shade 03 sand. I set all my foundation with my powder by Pupa which is really old and unfortunately all letters came off. 
Then I am taking eyebrow pencil and I fill my eyebrows. I draw my eye liner with gel eye liner (black) but hostly, normally I am using liquid liner in pen, I think it is the easiest way! I add white pencil t my inner eye conrner, brow bone and water line to make my eyes pop. Somethimes I apply some glittery eye liner, this one is by Urban Decay to add dimension to my eyes and little bit of colour. Then I use my mascara which is by Max Factor and I totally love it! The best one ever!
As a last steps I apply my blush by Pupa in rosy colour and add some lip balm from BodyShop.
In the pictures I using different mascara - Pupa in purple.