29. mája 2013

Kim Kardashian Inspired Make-Up

I´ve liked Kim Kardashian, lately. I don´t know what happened to me, but I really do!
So, I decided to do a make-up inspired by her.
Her make-up, I think, is quite iconic, it´s a lot recreating 
Eyes: Start with eye shadow primer to prime yout eye lids and protect shadows from creasing. As a first step define your eye lids by appling light brown shadow to your crease. Then apply light eye shadow to your lids. Now, start to deeping your look. Apply darker brown shadow to outher eye corners and to outher third of eyes. For ever darker look apply dark brown shadow to the outher corners of your eyes. For the lower lash line apply the second brown shadow you used. To lighten up your look apply white eye shadow to your inner eye corners and to your brow bones. Line your eyes with black liner or pencil, apply generous coats of mascara and, of course, apply false lashes, because Kim´s look without lashes wouldn´t be tha right!
Face: For Kim´s face look is really important shadinw and highlighting. Apply bright highlighter to the center of forhead, down the nose bridge, cudpids bow and to the cheek bones. For sculpting your face take bronzer or brown eye shadow and apply it to your temples, aound cheek bones and to the gel line. For a little bit f colour apply rosy blush to apples of your cheeks.
Lips: Apply nude lipgloss!
I hope you enjoyed!

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