5. mája 2013

Make-Up Routine

My make-up routine.
I start with my make-up foundation which is by Max Factor and it is in the lightest shade (101 Ivory Beige). Then I am using concealer for under eye circles and to cover any redness, it is by Maybelinn NY in shade 03 sand. I set all my foundation with my powder by Pupa which is really old and unfortunately all letters came off. 
Then I am taking eyebrow pencil and I fill my eyebrows. I draw my eye liner with gel eye liner (black) but hostly, normally I am using liquid liner in pen, I think it is the easiest way! I add white pencil t my inner eye conrner, brow bone and water line to make my eyes pop. Somethimes I apply some glittery eye liner, this one is by Urban Decay to add dimension to my eyes and little bit of colour. Then I use my mascara which is by Max Factor and I totally love it! The best one ever!
As a last steps I apply my blush by Pupa in rosy colour and add some lip balm from BodyShop.
In the pictures I using different mascara - Pupa in purple.

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