15. mája 2013

My Essentials

My currently favourities from nails polishes. Minty green by Sally Hansen in colour Mint Sorbet. I love, love, love this colour! I am wearing it all the time and I Meredith Foster inspired me, she is wearing this lovely colour all the time, too!
Than, metalic purple nail polish by Catrice in shade Metalillac. And nail polish dou from H&M, which I bought last summer and I am using it on my toes.
 Favourite eye shadow palette. It is from Collistar, I got it for my B-day and that colours are soo incredible!! I´m using it all the time!
My current arm candy, the newest ones.
Spiked ballerina flats. I love them! They are also dark blue and I really like that color.
Fake butterfly on my wrist. I am thinking about tattoo.

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