13. mája 2013

Smokey Eyes with a Pop of Purple

Lately, I´ve been loving smokey eyes, even for a day. I´ve got new eye shadow palette, so I´m still using it!

Let´s get started! As usual, apply eye shadow primer. Then apply shimmery champane colour all over your lids. To your outher corner apply black eye shadow and slightly build the intensity of black and, of course, bring it to your crease. Blend everything well. To your lower lash liner apply vibrant purple eye shadow, but just half way. To your inner eye corner apply white eye shadow and that white eye shadow also apply to your brow bone. Line your eyes with black eye liner and apply generous coats of mascara.
For cheeks apply rosy pink blush onto apples of your cheeks and for lips apply pinky lipgloss.

I hope you enjoyed!

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