30. júna 2013

A Different Kind

I´ve just got a new eyeliner - Pupa Professonal Eyeliner  - it´s black with a tiny brush.
So, I was playing with it a bit. I was inspired by some girl I found on Instagram and I really like the idea of extended eye liner in inner eye corners. I think it is so different, but still so pretty and so bold. Anyway I recommend to wear it just for extravagant people.
To pop it out I did highlighting and applid a fuchsia pink lipstick by Max Factor.


26. júna 2013

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

(T-shirt H&m, Shorts CroppTown, Shoes Aldo, Bag Desugual, Earings Six)

Finally the end of school and one type of torturing. Just kidding.
I fell in love with this combination, it so simple but I feel just incredibly in this outfit.
The school did not end how I wanted but never mind next time I´ll make it differently.


23. júna 2013

The Present Has No Ribbon

(Swimsuit H&m, dress Pull&Bear, shoes, sinnies Aldo)

Last week I went to shops. I bought bunch of good stuff.
First hing was swim suit. I am so glad I found this at H&M store, it was quite cheap and I don´t need to look for ir anymore! This year, of course.
Then I bought the best dress ever! It´s so gorgeous, i love that dress! You can be looking forward to see it on me, I will definitetly post it!
Okay, Aldo, the best shoe shop ever. I bought these wedges and literally I don´t want to put them of! They are so comfty! And also white sandals with a little bit of sparkle. I love them all. Also that sun glasses were as a gift to shoes.


20. júna 2013

Barbie Exhibition

There was Barbie Exhibition in Aupart Bratisla last week. I was there and I loved that! I am huge fan of Barbie, she is my childhood.
All it started with Barbie inspired paintings. Barbie as Picasso´s painting or on the title of Vouge.

Then this first Barbie ever.

Some real life inspired, like this by Vera Wang. I like  her, and few weeks ago I found dress by Very Wand at local thrift shop and it was only 10 euros!!! Big loss was that it was XXL.


Then I found love of my life! Ken! And do you see the kiss on his cheek? Yay!

Some of them were incredibly beautiful. And there were also peaces I had or wanted. It was the best part of it. But the best, best part was that I found HIM! :)
I think it´s pretty crazy!


16. júna 2013

Summertime Sadness

Dress Mango

Last day at school, obviously, last year. This one is also at the nearly end and I don´t want to end it.
It will mean that the end of my high school years are in half, and I like them too much to be without them. Anyway it was shooted in front of school, while I and my friends managed to do a class photo when anybody else din´t want to :)


14. júna 2013

All I Ever Wanted Was The World

 (dress Reserved, shoes H&M, earings Forever21, watches Fossil)

My best friend and I went to do a photo shoot a week ago.
It was so crazy! We wanted to go on different place but it wasn´t right for us, so after a lot of moskitos, drink and one dress change at toilettes, we found it.
And look how pretty photos they are.
Acctually it was the one sunny day in that week, all time there was not pretty wearher. I´m so sad because of it, and also of having the latest exams at school.
Keep your fingers crossed for me!

By the way, I am really sorry for late posting. But I didn´t have time, I´m finishing my school and coz´ of this I am soo busy now. And Also I had concert!

9. júna 2013

And Remember This Day For The Rest Of Our Lives

Okay, this is a little preview of some upcoming post.
My BFF Monika and I went for a shootig!
Details later...
I can tell you that we had and amazing time, and we really enjoyed that!
Stay tuned!

(Yes, I´m watching Gossip Girl.)