28. júla 2013

A Profesional Cynic

(Dress Reserverd, shoes Baťa, little bag Desigual, headband SIX)

Yesterday I went to a weddding. I was also doing make-up onto bride and her sister (also her hair). They looked so gorgeous, I really liked how it ended up!
Anyway, entire day was unbelievably perfect!


25. júla 2013

Walking on a Dream

(Top H&M, shorts Desigual, flip-flops Roxy, bag Desigual, sunnies Ray-Ban,)

So pretty time, now. Just chillin´with friends, hanging out and taking care of myself. I went to shops with my friend and this was so pretty place with so many green around.
Anyway, this is my 100th post, yaay!
Thank you guys!


21. júla 2013

If You Don´t Want Me, Set Me Free

(t-shirp H&M, skirt Mango, shoes Aldo, bag Benetton)

I was at Bratislava. I like this city, it´s bigger and there are people with better sense of fashion that in my town. And the Blue church was as blue as sky. So pretty sunny day it was.


18. júla 2013

What Is This What I Am Feeling?

/top H&M, skirt NewYorker, shoes Baťa, clutch ELLE)

I know, a lot of people doesn´t like this style of skirt but I love it. This one is just basic black one and I really don´t know what to wear with it to look great. Anyway I think this ended up pretty good. 
That day I met my good friend, why aren´t we going out more together?!


11. júla 2013

DIY: Galaxy Shoes

I really like idea of galaxy shoes or any type of clothes. My friends has them and they´ve done it by themselves. So, I decided to do them, too. 
I bought a pair of shoes at local Chinesse Store. They didn´t have clear ones so I bought these. I painted them black. Then with a sponge I applied blue and pink all over them. I was looking at pictures of shoes and I was randomly creating pattern. Good thing is to buy main colors and then mix them. In this way I created so many shades of pink aby blue. Finnaly I used silver and tooth brush and apllied it to them as stars. I also randomly dotted them with silver colour and created big stars. I letted them dry for one night and then ironed them throught rice paper.
And you are done!

Also big thank you to you girls who borrowed me colours!

7. júla 2013


Okay, guys, a big thing happened!
Now, you can find me also onYouTube!

Hope you will enjoy!

Getting Heavy

(Spiky and skull Stradivarius, watch Fossil, black and silver vintage, pink Avon)

I´m in love with arm candy! It´s so sweet. I don´t have many bracelets which I can use as arm candy, but this one is my favourite. I think it could be better, but I never mind. And acctaully it is so heavy when you are wearing this much bracelets!


3. júla 2013

Rainbow Zebra Nails

This nail art is really easy! You can recreate it in few easy steps!
1. Apply base coat to protect your natural nails.
2. Choose any colour combination you like and apply it onto sponge.
3. Dab it onto your nail, if you need more colour repeat this step again.
4. Apply top coat to blend all colours together.
5. Use tiny nail brush dipted in black polish or blach striper to create zebra pattern.
6. Wait few minutes and apply top coat to seal your designe.
7. And you´re done! I hope you enjoyed!
See, really easy! :)