11. júla 2013

DIY: Galaxy Shoes

I really like idea of galaxy shoes or any type of clothes. My friends has them and they´ve done it by themselves. So, I decided to do them, too. 
I bought a pair of shoes at local Chinesse Store. They didn´t have clear ones so I bought these. I painted them black. Then with a sponge I applied blue and pink all over them. I was looking at pictures of shoes and I was randomly creating pattern. Good thing is to buy main colors and then mix them. In this way I created so many shades of pink aby blue. Finnaly I used silver and tooth brush and apllied it to them as stars. I also randomly dotted them with silver colour and created big stars. I letted them dry for one night and then ironed them throught rice paper.
And you are done!

Also big thank you to you girls who borrowed me colours!

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