29. septembra 2013

Trip to France: Day 2: Normandia

The second day of our trip we went to Normandia, the nort of France. It is a lovely place. I love ocean or sea and I haven´t seen a cold ocean or sea in my life. But now, I did. And it was wonderful.
I haven´t been at sea entire summer, so I really enjoyed this one at cold normandic beaches.
We were travelling 4 hours from Paris to little city calle St. Malo. It´s so lovely and romantic. We walked along the walls that were surrownding the town and then we went to the Atlantic Ocean. Suprisingly, it was quite warm! Then we went to town for a little walk. There happened some funny stories, but I can´t tell you all of them because my friend Kiki would kill me!
But I can tell you one of them, it´s short. Kiki´s got locked into a toilet. It´s just a start of her bad luck, but anyway second funny story we all enjoyed much more, but as I said, I can´t tell you....
After a few hours here we drove to another town called St. Mont Michelle. It´s a little town (4th pic). Itś so lovely! you really can describe the town, itself it is really unique.
After all we have got back to Paris really late night and fell asleep so quickly! 


25. septembra 2013

Trip to France: Day 1: Paris

This was our first day in Paris. My friends and I went there a week ago from our school. We really enjoyed it!
Paris was beautiful, by it was unbelievable.
Fist we went to crown catedral in Reims and then we went to Paris, to Notre Dame. In front of Notre Dame is a star, if you stood onto, you would come back there. I stood there, of course. I´m gonna come back there for trip full of love! ♥ Then we went to Louvre, we saw Mona Lisa. She acctually isn´t that much interesting... And we did drive along entire Paris by bus, we saw Chaps Elysees, Arc de Triomphe de l´Ětoile and then Eiffel tower by night. It was wonderful and also we were lucky enought to see it blinking. A-MA-ZING!!!

6. septembra 2013

I´ll Be there Till the End of Time

 (Sweather Stradivarius, Demin Jacket Stradivarius, Tee Forever21, Jeans Bershka, Shoes my own work, Bag Tommy Hilfiger, Necklace from Bojnice, Earings H&M)

I was at Viena with my mum and cousin and her colegues and their kids at Museum of Natural Science.
I love that museum!
It´s my favoutire no matter what! I´ve been there twice and I want to go there again!
 That day I was layering my clothes so enjoyed more outfit but with same base.
Anyway, I also love the city of Vienna and we had a pretty walk at old center.
Best day!