31. októbra 2013

Halloween Nails

Another Halloween styled nails, they are so easy!
1. Base coat.
2. Paint nails with red and black polish.
3. Create leopard print with tiny brush by drawing random C.
4. With a white striper create spider web.
5. Top coat.
And you´re done, I hope you enjoyed.

My halloween costume will arrive this Sunday coz´this Saturday I´m gonna have a halloween party, so I´m bit sorry that it´s gonna be after real halloween, but also stay tuned!


29. októbra 2013

Sugar Skull Nails

Okay, there have been too many nail posts lately!
I´m sorry about that, but I don´t have many possibilities to shoot clothes now and also I don´t have enought time to edit videos. I´m so sad about it because halloween is my favourite time of year and I haven´t done anything special for it.
But, here is a little halloween nail tutorial! 
As usual apply base coat to protect your nails (right now I am using one by Sally Handsen for thickening nails and it´s awesome!). Then paint your thumb, point finger and pinky finger with ritch pink polish and layer glitters onto top. Apply black polish to you ring finger and let´s go for some free-handed nail art! Apply white polish to your middle finger. Then wirh a tiny brush create horizontal line on the bottom of your nail as a base for lips, then som vertical stripes for the rest od the teeth. Still using tiny brush create black upside-down heart shape for nose and two big dots as eyes. You can doubt tiny brush with dotting tool, but I don´t have any, so... Then choose some colours, I chose blue. gold, pink and red, and with a tooth pich or small dotting tool create dots around eye balls. As a last step seal everything with top coat and you are done!
I hope you enjoyed!


26. októbra 2013

Scarry Nails

I love Halloween, but I´m really sorry, that I didn´t posted anything speacial this year. I had so much other work.
So, start with base coat to protect your nails and then paint them black. With a small brush and yellow polish create eye shapes and then again go in with a black to create lens. And use mattefying top coat.
For other fingers use white striper to create spider webs and finish with top coat.
So easy, hope you enjoyed!


22. októbra 2013

Marle Nail Art

Okay, guys, I really like this type of nail art. It´s incredibly easy and still so imressive!

So start with base coat to protect your nails. Then use a tape around your nails to protect your fingers from nail polish because later it´s going to be messy. Put water into cup, for exaple, and then drop the nail polishes of your choice into, how many you want. Then with a tooth pick create a design you like and dip finger to the water. Wait few seconds till the nail polish is dry on the top of water and then remove that nail polish from surface of water with tooth pick. Take your finger out of water, remove tape and Voila! You have marble nail!
Hope you enjoyed!


13. októbra 2013

Thinking Back

(Dress Reserved, clutch ELLE, shoes Baťa, glasses Ray Bann)

Thinking back when sun was shining and it was hot outside.
I enjoyed this summer so much, thou I thought it will be really boring.
And this pink barbie dress, think what you wnat, I love it!


6. októbra 2013

Trip to France: Day 4: Disneyland

Our last day in France we spent in Disneyland. You wouldn´t believe how magical is this place! Maybe you think you´re too old for that, but I can tell you you´re never too old for Disneyland!
When I first saw the castle of Sleeping Beauty I felt like my dreams came true, it was unbelieveble to see that castle in real life and it was pretty as in TV.
Then we met Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland which is one of my favourite tales, now. 
Oh my god! when we found StarWars section I was amazed! In this section was an atraction of space flight simulation and you could see C3P0, R2D2 and some more robots. I loved that!
Beside therse atraction there were 3 more crazy roller coasters which we loved and really enjoyed them! And also a little bit of tales in our lives couldn´t be bad.
A half hour before we left this magical place something crazy happend. We were standing in front of Castle of Sleeping Beauty and fron right it was raining and from left sun was shine and we were albe to see the most beautiful rainbow in our lives. The rainbow was starting and ending in Disneyland and you could see it entire and then it became doulbe. That was magic! ha?
Then we went for a little shopping of Disney princesses. I bought Rapuzel in little X-mas ball. It´s incredibly gllittery! I love that and she´s my most fave princess ever! When I was little I was pretending I am her and brushing my hair in a window. I loved that.
This day was incredible end of our little trip!


2. októbra 2013

Trip to France: Day 3: Paris


Day in Paris. Our last day there. Everything was great. We started at Versailles at unbelieveably long que. We saw all apartmens which were amazing. I love apartment of Mary Antoinette which was so romantic, soft and sweet with so many flowers all around. Then The Mirror apartment was just beautiful and also we saw gardens.
Later that day we went to Eiffel tower. We went by stairs to the second floor and then by lift to the trird floor. The view was incredible. Entire Paris from the tower was so gorgeous. 
Then we went to Montmarte, I love this place the most from all paris. I loved that athmosphere there. you could feel life there, there were so many people. And we were shopping there. Unfortunately, it was Sunday evening, so just souvenir shops were open, but we found one really good.
At the end of this day we went to Seinne. We saw night Paris from ship and our last look was at blinking Eiffel tower.