29. októbra 2013

Sugar Skull Nails

Okay, there have been too many nail posts lately!
I´m sorry about that, but I don´t have many possibilities to shoot clothes now and also I don´t have enought time to edit videos. I´m so sad about it because halloween is my favourite time of year and I haven´t done anything special for it.
But, here is a little halloween nail tutorial! 
As usual apply base coat to protect your nails (right now I am using one by Sally Handsen for thickening nails and it´s awesome!). Then paint your thumb, point finger and pinky finger with ritch pink polish and layer glitters onto top. Apply black polish to you ring finger and let´s go for some free-handed nail art! Apply white polish to your middle finger. Then wirh a tiny brush create horizontal line on the bottom of your nail as a base for lips, then som vertical stripes for the rest od the teeth. Still using tiny brush create black upside-down heart shape for nose and two big dots as eyes. You can doubt tiny brush with dotting tool, but I don´t have any, so... Then choose some colours, I chose blue. gold, pink and red, and with a tooth pich or small dotting tool create dots around eye balls. As a last step seal everything with top coat and you are done!
I hope you enjoyed!


4 komentáre:

  1. uzasne ich mas!

    Inak pozyvam na moje 4 vyrocie blogu a giveaway o GUCCI RUSH 75ML! tu: http://biancaprincipessa.blogspot.sk/2013/10/najlepsia-giveaway-ever.html

  2. Máš krásné nehtíky a ten design je skvělý . :) Já ti děkuji mnohokrát za tvůj komentář na mém blogu a ráda bych se sledovala navzájem. Akorát nevím kde ti máš na svém blogu to, kde zmáčku, abych tě sledovala, tím myslím GFC. Nemohu nikde najít.:)

    Blog ϐook of ϐeauty

    1. ďakujem ti. tvoja otázka je dobrá, ani ja sama to netuším :) ja tam mám len spriatelené blogy, alebo také čo sledujem, tam si ťa hneď aj dám. ešte sa na to sledovanie pozriem... ;)